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Why you should approach Dobash Trans for Tamil to English and English to Tamil Translation?

We first thank all those clients who were sensible enough to identify the companies that took them for a joy trip hitherto and switched over to us. Unfortunately, for most of the economic ills faced by the countries in Europe and the USA, it is their failure to communicate properly and perceive the right thing timely. This is what most of the companies that still stick to their existing translation companies do. A day will come they will also realize their follies and agree to what we had mentioned in our previous article.

There is still time. They should try at least once Dobash Trans to know what we say is correct or not. In Dobash Trans, we not only engage natives (since all natives need not be experts and all experts need not be natives) for translation jobs, but also ensure that they are at least graduates both in Tamil and English. All jobs are certified by our CEO after finally checked by an expert before passing on to our esteemed client. Unlike other companies, our CEO is an expert linguist in Tamil and English. Normally in most of the companies they invest money to make money and are not aware of the alphabets of languages handled by them. They engage language experts but they cannot check whether what they render is as per the languages they handle. They totally depend on their in house or freelance linguists who may not be natives or well qualified.

Often, our new clients happen to be government agencies and private firms who need to enhance the quality of translated work that was delivered to them by other companies. At Dobash, we are gladly willing to evaluate and improve the quality of translations performed by other companies. If you have ever been frustrated by mediocre translation and are seeking a quality solution that befits the stature of an organisation such as yours, look no further.

At Dobash, we do not offer a “cookie-cutter” translation service like most of the translation companies do but we have the best solutions for customers according to their requirements, products, company, location etc.  

Our translation and DTP experts can handle anything in Tamil and English.  The rates are always quoted here after seeing the job to assess its complexity, duration required to complete, number of persons needed to do it etc. We do not charge separately for each sector and add to quote but we have our standard rates for each type of job. Our rates are inclusive of translation or DTP work, review, proof reading and certification. We do not charge any rush fee. For instance if we charge USD 150 for 1000 words or USD 10 for a normal DTP job, if you approach other companies you will be asked to pay USD 300 to 350 or more for translation or  USD 35 or more for the same DTP job. Out of this, they will pay their translation/DTP experts just 1/3rd and get a bad work for you whereas we pay 2/3rd and get a quality job for you.

Normally when there is a huge volume of work discount is given and translation companies are also not an exception. Dobash Trans allows you discount @5% if the job exceeds 1000 words whereas other companies may allow you discount only when the word count exceeds 5000 and probably less than what we offer.

We always stick to our commitments. We do not compromise quality just to get a work. Due to this we may commit to do a job in 10 days which other companies may agree to do just in 2 days. You must always see the compare the quality in such a case and not force for faster completion.

Certain documents need to be certified and notarized especially for date of birth, place of birth, legal documents related to property, marriage etc. While others charge you separately for this, we do not charge anything extra if your document needs notarization.

We have summarized below what we want to know about us and other companies. There may be a few companies offering the same services that we offer but what we have mentioned is the situation prevailing inb most of the translation companies.

There are a lot of things to be discussed like this. If you have any specific question(s) for your job you are always welcome to contact us. We will be pleased to assist you. Why don’t you try us once and feel the difference in translate we actually advertise? Please visit us at 


Dobash Trans



Translation and DTP


Done by a graduate native, reviewed by another and proofread by two persons who are graduates.


Each job at final stage is checked by an expert who is a post graduate or a PhD. Company is managed by person well versed in the languages translated with vast experience.



Mostly done by one person at each stage who may or may not be qualified. Company is mostly managed by people not knowing the language translated.





Our rates include translation, review, proofreading by two persons and final check by an expert along with free formatting. Thus, you can get the job done at less than 50% of what others charge and yet get a better return.



Mostly you are charged separately for translation, review, proofreading by one person without any expert checking. Yet you get a poor job. You have to pay doubly.




Our quality is better as we get the job done by natives who are at least graduates in the language and our translation is done by post graduates who are natives also. Further we pay well our experts so that they turn out perfect jobs with sincerity and dedication.



Most of these people make money from you but pay far less than what we pay. They are unaware that they get cheap product by paying cheap.




For any translation exceeding 1000 words, we provide 5% discount.



Mostly they provide discount if the word count exceeds 5000 to 10000.





We do not ask our translators to turn more than 800 words in a day since as per research more than this causes strain and mars the quality. The rest of the time we check through review and proof reading to ensure perfect quality.



Mostly than insist more than 1500 words per day which causes a lot of errors and delay the project besides affecting the goal of their clients.





We do not commit to get the work but our commitments are based on several factors, the main being the turning round the best quality job and client satisfaction. We strictly adhere to our commitment without any dilly dallying.  



Mostly they promise a lot to get work and then leave you in trot.


Rush fee



We do not charge if we undertake the job.


Mostly they charge between 10 to 25% extra.







We certify for quality and correctness and notarize if needed.


Mostly they do not follow this practice.


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